Monday, March 09, 2009


On Left handed Batsmen

I have always thought that "left handed batsmen" in cricket is a misnomer -- since the right hand (top hand) does most of the work.

David Gower concurs:

"both (the right-handers and the left-handers) have been horribly misnamed because the left-hander is really a right-hander and the right-hander is really a left-hander, if you work out which hand is doing most of the work. So from my point of view, my right arm is my strongest and therefore it's the right hand, right eye and generally the right side which is doing all the work. So if there is anything about this, then the left-handers, as such, should be called right-handers...It's the top hand which is doing all the work..." 

hmm ... i don't agree. it depends on the batsman. there are lots of batsmen who use the bottom hand more.
Yes, some batsmen do use the bottom hand more.

That may well be due to the fact that their bottom hand (for eg. right) is their strong hand, and they were told to play "right handed" when they started.

If you read the quote, david gower also mentions how "left handed batsmen" use their right eye and other right parts of the body (hips, to an extent foot etc.) more.

Finally, the main point of my post is not to call "Left handed batsmen" "right handed" and vice versa. It is only to point out that the current naming scheme is highly arbitrary.

This is a very important point. I would like to claim that 90% of right handers (actual right handers), become "right handed batsmen" (and become bottom handed players) just because it is called that way.
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