Saturday, September 06, 2008


Great Tamil Scenes - Kutty

In this scene from Kutty directed by Janaki Vishwanathan, Kannamma a.k.a. Kutty (Shweta), who is brought from village into the household of Ramesh Arvind, receives a dress as a gift;  in return she gives them the toy horse that she had made herself. 

Great acting, excellent camera work by Thangar Batchan  (edited by Sreekar Prasad) and a brilliant BGM (back ground music) score from Ilayaraja makes this scene a truly memorable one.

In particular, the way in which Ilayaraja transitions into the song with 'thavil' beats is remarkable. It is as though the beats are reflecting the flutter in the heart beats of Kutti. This scene is a prime example of the importance of BGM in films -- Film, like novels, are trying to tell a story; however, in lieu of words to express emotions of people involved, films use other cues such as BGM.

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