Thursday, May 22, 2008


On Carribean Names

Caribbean countries like Trinidad and Tobago have significant Indian migrant population.

This explains why Gangadaran became Darren Ganga and Jagannath became Jaggernauth ??

It is unlikely Darren Ganga is a modification of Gangadharan. It is simply a combination of Christian firstname + Indian surname. Like Alvin Kallicharan.

And Jaggarnauth is an Indian name spelt with English-like phonetics which would be common in West Indies. Like "Chanderpaul" for Chandarpal. Similarly, in Pondicherry, some old residents have their names spelt with French-like phonetics.

...have significant Indian migrant population.

This explains why...
Didn't get this...
It is unlikely Darren Ganga is a modification of Gangadharan

You are probably right -- this post was meant to be a joke.
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