Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Introspection or Narcissism?

The following may be an interesting (entertaining?) exercise.

Imagine you are writing screenplay and write the dialogue for the following scenarios:

1. A and B are introduced to each other.
2. A and B have been roomates for a month and enter the house after work and have nothing to do.
3. Same as 2, but A and B have been roomates for 3 years.

In each of the above scenarios, assume both A and B are different instances of yourself. By 'instance' here, I don't mean exact physical replicas -- I just envision the scenario in which A and B have similar mental attributes as yourself. You are ofcourse, free to assume the extent of replication.

Note: The film Prestige explores this idea slightly, coming to think of it.

ah, 3 is easy. there'll be no dialogue...
could be quite funny -- you forced to talk with somebody like yourself and arun talking with somebody like himself.
when balaji talks to somebody like himself - it will result in another cold war.
ofcourse everybody talks to themselves, only that others cant hear that. its like for every decision(however small or big), there
are 2 ppl arguing inside self(like manasaktchi in movies). anyway that was irrelevant to the answer, ()=mind voice.
1.A:Im really good in cooking indian delicacies
B:Wow, thats nice man, I too like cooking, its a relief kind-of
A:(wow, i shud take this loser as my roomate)

2.A:Hey dude, after tasting ur nice(ycuk, i feel like vomitting) cooking, im feeling like i shud tryout the same(let him vomit too).
B:Sure, let me know if u need my help. Oh can u also wash the dishes before that, that wud be great
A:(Asshole tricked me)

3.A:Bitch, where do u want togo today-Madras Cafe?
(Hope that girl comesback today also to MadrasCafe)
B:I hate eating Indian for the past 5 days,lets goto Pizza hut, since we already went there 10times last month, today we can get one free.
(I just cannot stop thinking of that waitress)
the dialogues written by arun are good.

yes the dialogues are funny...ana "delicacy" ellam too much.

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