Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Paris: la féminité

Can there be a city that is more feminine compared to Paris?

Can there be a language/culture more feminine than the french?

Here was a city where I enjoyed being stuck in a traffic jam...gave me a chance to watch closely and admire the city and its inhabitants.

coffee is masculine.
abt kiss? maybe 60% masculine.
I heard legal age for smoking in Fr is 14 or something and that u can smoke anywhere(OFFICIALLY), inside offices, house, toilets etc.. I wud smoking is masculine.
moreover the eiffel tower looks
masculine ;)
the language is def. feminine.
cofee may/may not be masculine, but certainly not café...really, you should see the way it is served!

"moreover the eiffel tower looks
"abt kiss? maybe 60% masculine."


"admire the city and its inhabitants"
- i am sure you did admire the latter.
what exactly do you mean by feminine language? i know that french is soft and employs the tip of the tongue most often.
>> what exactly do you mean by feminine language?

Dont think you can ask anything, just because the blog is called 'question'...Ithallam kaeka kudaathu.

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