Saturday, March 31, 2007


Musical Bliss

I happenned to hear the krithi "Gaanamuda Paanam' by Sanjay accompanied by karaikudi mani, in rhapsody. For those in USA, rhapsody is a great place to hear high sound quality music for free. They have a great collection of music from around the world.

It is actually a live recording from the december 1999 season. Charsur deserves special praise for the superior audio quality. I suspect they also gave a slight eq boost around the lows (100-200 hz); this causes the 'thopi' of the mridangam to sound better, in my opinion.

Words cannot describe the bliss I experienced listening to this piece - especially in the charanam when he sings ' jyotiswaroopini shakthi vel arulal amayum..'

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