Friday, December 01, 2006


Realism to the core

Had the good fortune of watching "Pather Panchali" by sathyajit ray yesterday. At the same time I ask myself why I hadnt watched it earlier. It really is one of the most realistic films that I have ever watched. Each and every small movement of the "actors" has some meaning. Most of the "actors" were not professionals (only one was a professional)- maybe thats the reason it was so life-like.

At this point, it is interesting to think about the actual skill of acting. I ask myself whether it is conceptually different from other skills such as painting, dance, singing, sculpture. Can any given person "act" well...Afterall acting is something that everybody does all the time. For example, if we had an imaginary camera filming the daily lives of people, certainly the "acting" will be realistic! Ofcourse the skill lies in reacting to situations when the sitautions are imaginary. This is what people like Sivaji, Kamal are good at. But I think this as more of an aptitude rather than skill. If one constantly observes people (or observe ourselves) certainly one can become better at this.
Infact, one does not even need to pocess this aptitude to act well. He/She just needs to be taught exactly what he needs to do. I think this is what Satyajit Ray must have done; he must have explained it to the actors in such a fine grained level.

I am not sure...I need to think more about this...

Yes, I think best actors or directors do lot of people-behavior-watching. I saw a movie called "children of heaven" and thought of the same. Very simple but realistically captivating scenes. But lot of artificialism has to be also present in the movies to make it more interesting. How do you compare, the same scene in a good movie and the same scene in public enacted by "real actors" in front of you ? Too much realism is also boring, otherwise u can just sit in a park and "watch".

Watching real people in a park can be really interesting. Unfortunately we do not get such oppurtunities because we cannot just go there and watch closely. Even if we do it, surely their behaviour will be affected.

Also movies have this liberty of showing a 2hr movie over the actual period of days or years, so that they can show enough "interesting" things.
true, but u must have seen some movies which cover the story on the same time scale as we can watch for real(like 12 angry men for eg). i doubt if it will be interesting to just watch for real. movie definitely adds some flavor-of-interest. but i think to see it live certain short incidents,gestures or actions maybe very very interesting. i havenot had any long-good-live watch. maybe its just my lack of exp.
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