Thursday, June 08, 2006


A Nude World

What is the root cause of all the "problems" in this world?
It is the ability of a person to hide his thoughts, I claim.
(In other words, the inability of a person to access other's thoughts)

(Consider the analogy of the cameras at the road intersections which actually makes the people obey the traffic rules. )

Suppose each and every one of us can access other's thoughts*, then how will the world be?

These are the charecterstics of the system:

1. Person 'A' just has to "think" about another person 'B'and instantly he will have acces to what 'B' is thinking currently and also B's previous thoughts.

2. Also person just has to think about a
"subject" and he gets access to information on what other people are currently thinking, (and have previosly thought) about that subject.

The following are very interesting questions:
1. How will the society be?
My intuition: This is the perfect world where "goodness", will reign.
It is almost like perfect unity- a single conciousness.

2. Will there be "progress"?
Absolutely! Consider this, Wikipedia is a big success. This is the pinnacle of the Wikipedia concept.%

3. Will this happen in the future?
This is the big question. My answer is yes. Infact I think this will happen sooner than later.
We just need to have technology to read a person's mind and some advances in storage and retrieval of humungus data.

* : A story "Bubbles" that I studied in 8th std/grade comes to my mind.
%: This is in some sense like Web-infinity! At this point we also need to consider a more mundane but important issue of the effect of internet in "research".

You are using too many double quotes!
I will reserve my opnions for a rainy afternoon.
You should join the Bush government. They are wondering what to do after tapping phone calls. Maybe you can suggest this to them and it is good bye to the little grain of privacy we have.

"good" observation.


But I think you understand that my whole point was our privacy (and need for privacy) is the cause of problems.
Hmm.. very interesting.
I think this will only lead to chaos.
It will put ppl in all sorts of difficult and manipulative situations.
All the time you have to be very careful of your thoughts and many times certain (bad?) things are better being unsaid.
technolgoy advancements to read a human mind? if it happens it might solve as well as create whole lot of problems. It will be interesting if it happens, but again i thinkg it will only end up in chaos.
if thoughts can be seen like actions on a much larger scale like "reading" all the ppl arnd u, the good thing is we might get lot more better and focussed biz services.
btw ,I dont understand the comparision with wikipedia. i think topics have owners who volunteer to monitor them. anyway this is not imp. even if compairsion is true, its just one example maynot be with this case.

It is possible.

But why dont you consider this analogy: Assume that all people where blind and suddenly everybody had eyesight.

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