Sunday, April 30, 2006


Decisive Evidence?

Stone axe with Indus Valley script found near Mayiladuthurai

From the hindu article,
Mr Mahadevan read the first sign as "muruku" and the second sign as "an." In other words, it is "Murukan." The earliest references in Old Tamil poetry portrayed him as a "wrathful killer," indicating his prowess as a war god and hunter.

BTW, the axe was discovered by a Mr.Shanmuganathan! Ironic?

If not Shanmuganathan, it would have been discovered by Mr. Subramanian or Mr. Swaminathan or Mr. Subba Rao or Mr. Subburaman. :-)

ok you are back, now I can write more freely knowing very well you are there to correct the logical/factual errors :)

You are very kind. :-)
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