Monday, April 03, 2006


Asking for treat...A cheap trait?

I am never a fan of the concept of "asking for treat" in an ideological level.
(Ofcourse I like to get treated for the shear pleasure getting free food.)

Let us examine this...Something happens to a person A for which he is happy.
(Like getting a job, birthday, graduation etc.) Then he proceeds to
treat his 'friends'. Agreed, this is a way of sharing person A's happiness with
his friends.

But clearly this protocol reeks of materialism. It is as if, person A is bribing his friends
with free food to make them artificially happy. It is like a person (Indian) betting for
Pakistan to win a cricket match, so that either way he is happy!

Again Nothing inherently bad about this...just full of materialism.

It is ironic that here in USA (which is accused by Indians of being a materialistic
country) when something good happens to a person A. (like birthday , graduation)
, he is treated by his friends!

This is clearly a "better" protocol according to me.

P.S: No, My approaching birthday dint motivate me to write this :)

Just to make it clear...I am not accusing
all people who ask for treat of materialism...I agree that there is also a "tradition" aspect of it...because of which
several people take this protocol for granted.

I am just urging people to change this protocol.
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