Sunday, August 21, 2005




1. There is an idea, the rest are just redundancies.


2. For the discerning, the idea suffices.

3. The redundancies use/waste time,space, bandwidth...

4. Do the redundancies serve a purpose...maybe...entertainment.

5. The redundancies are called as implementation, presentation...

6. Even the Thirukkural has sets of ideas followed by 9 redundancies.

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Have a great day.
Hey Vijay,

nyabahan irruka da??

quite an apt name for your blog! Waiting for your explanation on the "Subjective?" post
Yes of-course da!

(even remember how you supposedly bunked classes in 9th std. thinking about life,death etc :)

Sure I will try and give my "explanation"
in a couple of days...
what an anedote to remember me by

Anyway, will watch this space..keep writing.
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