Tuesday, June 07, 2005



The following are the rules of an online poll in which you are a participant.
Poll question : Pick the least popular player among { Sachin, Damien Martyn, Pommie Mbwangwa} -- (Note that these are three people whose popularity levels are "well known" and quite non-arguable - I dont expect an australian or zim to comment this blog!!)

The poll in conducted over a sample of people which represent an average world (or indian) population.

1. There is a group of people (among the n people) who are "winners"
2. These are the set of people whose answers are the least popular. ( For example if 10,20 and 30 ( n = 60)
are respectively the votes recieved for A,B and C then the people who voted for A are the winners.

Suppose you want to maximize your chances of winning, whom will you vote for?

(I will try to explain the importance of this seemingly convoluted-silly question in the next blog)

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