Monday, May 16, 2005



This is the simplified version of the survivor series.

Rules of Survivor series:
1. Initially there are 'n' people
2. Each round there is an 'immunity' game and the winner gets 'immunity' (meaning explained later).
3. After each round (after the game) there is an election in which all the remaining survivors vote.
4. The "winner" of the election is kicked out.
5. The person with immunity can vote but cant be voted out. (nobody can vote for him as he has 'immunity')
6. In the final round (of 2 people) , the winner of immunity game, "wins" and is the survivor.

There are 'n' equally intelligent people in the survivor series.
Each person has a strength value that varies linearly. The strength value
is a measure of the probability of the person winning any 'immunity' game .
(For example
n =5 , strength(1) = 1, strength(2) = 2...strength(5) =5
meaning the first person has the least strength and the last person
has maximum.)

1. Find the person who has the maximum chance of winning the survivor series.

1. What would be the algorithm that each person follow to vote out people?

(Thanks Srini for conversation leading to this problem)


Didn't know you are in US at grad school! We should get in touch - Do send me your phone number, skype ID, yahoo ID, etc. by mail.

Great feeling to get in touch after this long!
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