Friday, June 19, 2009


The Blue Bus

I clearly remember, there were two kinds of PTC busses in Madras then. The old, rickety, blue bus and the relatively newer, more aesthetic green bus.

Every Saturday, my mother would take me to Nungambakkam in a PTC bus, to my maternal grandmother's house. Back then, green was my favorite color -- maybe it was due the better looking green bus...I don't know. Naturally, I preferred travelling in the green bus. Luckily, since the blue busses where being phased out, there were more green busses than blue busses and it was rare that one gets to travel in a blue bus.

One such Saturday, when I was eagerly awaiting to travel in a green bus, the blue bus arrived. Despite my strong objection, my mother insisted that we get on to the bus as it was getting late. Once I got on to the bus, something happenned...I could not tolerate the fact that I was travelling on a blue bus and I cried for an hour, continuously!

Over the course of my life, I have recollected this incident with amusement. The source of amusement being, how 'naive' I was in my younger days.

Wrong! Nothing has changed over the years. I still have fixed notions of happiness. I would be the same person, until I realise that happiness is just an intinisic quality, not contingent upon the "travelling in a green bus".

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