Sunday, October 22, 2006

Every effort under compulsion demands a sacrifice of life-energy.
-- Nikola Tesla

What an appropriate word -- Life energy. I want to lose as little of my life-energy as possible, lets see...

Saw the movie , Prestige. (and hence the tesla quote). Found it a little contrived...not nearly as good as memento. But certainly was not boring. Would give it 6.5/10.


Two Movie recommendations

Dersu Uzala:
A heart rendering story about friendship and nature, by Kurosawa.
This film also greatly helped me appreciate (and believe) a well known theory in history and linguistics.
I am talking about the Aryan Immigration theory - which hypothesizes that the speakers of Indo-Aryan languages (including sanskrit) migrated into India around 1500 BC near the end of (what is now called) the Indus Valley civilization.
But this would mean that a bunch of nomads from central asia spoke a form of proto-sanskrit. This was really hard for me to digest as I thought sansrit to be too "classy" and "sophisticated".
In "Dersu Unzala" , the lead character is a siberian tribal who speaks russian with an accent that I find so similar to sanskrit. This is enough to clear all my "doubts" reagarding the aryan-immigration theory!!

The Decalogue:
The first episode of this movie has got to be one of the most tragic films that I ever saw. I really liked the style of the director (Kieslowski) , especially the camera angles. (Some very intresting postitions and so close to show even the slightest of emotions).

Monday, October 16, 2006


Finnish Tamil Connection - 2

Following is the paper that proposes connection between dravidian (of which tamil is a part) and uralic languages. (of which finnish is a part).

The paper mainly has a list of mappings between a set of uralic and dravidian root words.

If the link does not work, search for "Dravidian and Uralian: The Lexical Evidence" in google or scholar.

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